Why is My iMessage Not Working

Is your iPhone’s iMessage is not working properly? You don’t able to send message to any so don’t worry you don’t have to go any where. You can solve it by your self. There are two types bubble appear on the screen, first green and second Blue. If you send a message and suddenly blue bubble appeared, iMessage is working but if green bubble appeared, iMessage is not working properly. So you send any message via iMessage and message do not reach where you want, it’s time to fix the problem. I have mentioned some cause and its solution.

Why my iMessage is not working

What is iMessage and How does it work?

iMessage is a very good service to send message which is given by Apple. You send any message by using iMessage, you get charge from your data balance not by your main balance. But by using iMessage you can only send messages to Apple devices and it’s is impossible to send message to any other device.

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So as you know iMessage only work among apple’s device. If you are sending message to an Apple device and message is not going, I have mentioned many solution by which you can fix the problem.

What is Green and Blue Bubble on iPhone?

When you send any message by using iMessage, you notice that some message are sent in green bubble and some message sent in blue bubble. So the blue bubble messages means they are sent via iMessage and green bubble message means they are sent via you SIM card. So you have to notice that by which medium you are sending message.

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Send a Test Message

It’s very easy to send a text message. Just write any text in iMessage and send to your iPhone message. If it send in blue bubble, it is a data using message and if it’s green bubble, it is sent by cellular.

How to fix iMessage in iPhone or iPad

If you’re iPhone is sending iMessage in green bubble, it’s sent by your cellular. So you have to fix it. I have mentioned some methods to solve this problem. To fix iMessage, just follow the given steps.

1. Turn iMessage off, Reboot and Turn On

As you are iPhone’s iMessage is not working properly. So you have turn off iMessage and after turning off reboot and then turn on. To turn off iMessage just follow the given steps.

  • First of all, just go setting.
  • Now go to message and tap on iMessage to turn iMessage off in your iPhone or iPad.
  • Hold the power button until you see ‘slide to power off’ and slide your finger to turn off your iPhone.
  • Now turn on iPhone and head to setting >> message >> iMessage and turn it on.

Now check if iMessage is working or not. If iMessage doesn’t work, move on to another method.

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2. Make sure iMessage is Set up Correctly

If your iMessage is not working properly, perhaps its because of your iMessage is not set up correctly. So follow the following method to solve set up iMessage set up problem.

  • First of all, go to setting.
  • Now go to message.
  • Tap on ‘send and receive’ menu.
  •  You will there some phone number and email address. These phone number are configure to send and receive iMessage.
  • Now look under ‘start new conversation section from.’ and check if there is check mark next to your phone number or not. If there are no check mark next to your phone number, check to activate iMessage for your number.

Now try to send a message to an iPhone, if it is still not working, move on to next step.

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3. Check your Internet Connection

iMessage only works when your internet connection is on. If your internet connection is not on, you don’t able to send iMessage to any iPhone. So first of all you have to connect your iPhone to internet. You can connect via WiFi or you can use cellular data pack to connect to internet.

4. Sign out and Sign in iMessage

Now if internet connection is on and you iMessage is still not working, sometimes it happened because of some sign in issue. So just sign out and sign in. To sign out, just follow the following steps.

  • Go to setting.
  • Now go to message and tap on ‘Send and receive’
  • Now tap where Apple Id is written.
  • Now choose and sign out from your apple Id.
  • Now sign in to your Apple id.

Now just try to send iMessage on any iPhone mobile. If still not working, just move on to another step.

5. Check for iOS update

If you still not able to send iMessage, it’s time to check weather your iPhone is update or not. If you don’t know how to check iPhone update, follow the following step to determine.

  • Just go to setting.
  • Now go to General setting.
  • Now go to software update and check weather your iPhone is update or not.

If there is any available, update your iPhone and go to iMessage and try to send another iMessage. If you can’t send iMessage, move on to another message.

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6. Reset Network Setting

If you still not able to send iMessage from your iPhone, its time to reset network setting. When nothing works, try to reset every thing. If you don’t know how to reset network setting, justI follow the following steps.

  • Just go to Setting.
  • Now go to General.
  • Now go to reset and choose the Reset network setting.

Now go and try once again to send iMessage. If you still can’t able to send iMessage, just call and contact with Apple customer care and ask your question. They will surely help you. If you have any problem related to this article, just comment in comment box. You can also ask any question related to related to iPhone.

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