Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast Fix

Is your iPhone battery die soon? If you think it is apple’s battery problem, you are wrong because Apple works a lot on their product and also provides good batteries but because of our mistake, iPhone battery die soon. So we can also fix it by ourselves. I have mentioned some mistakes which is done by us and also mentioned it’s solution. So just read it and follow in your iPhone. So let’s know about it and eliminate our mistakes and also save battery.

Why iPhone battery die soon fix

The vast majority of iPhone battery issue Are Software related

It is true that if your iPhone battery is dying soon, it is a software problem. Many function which is given in your iPhone, is taking lots of battery and also reduce our battery life. So it’s about time to fix the battery problem and increase iPhone’s battery life. So let’s discuss about it.

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Your iPhone tracks and records all location everywhere you go. That uses a lot of battery.

Due to battery problem, Apple add new setting in iOS 9 named battery and also add some new features but it didn’t help to save battery or fix any battery problem. So some best battery saving tips are given below.

The Real Reason Your iPhone, iPad or iPod battery Dies so fast

1. Push Mail

Push mail means notification which comes to iPhone’s notification bar. iPhone make continuously connection with your email and wait for coming any email. As soon as the mail comes in your mail iPhone push it in your iPhone’s notification bar. This is the way by which you know that an email came to your email account. It is very good service but it causes our battery dies so fast.

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It happened because your iPhone continuously ask to email server, Is there any mail. As iPhone continuously using data, so battery life die quickly. So if you want to save your battery, just stop push mail which comes in your Phone’s notification bar.  If you don’t know how to stop push mail, just follow the given steps.

  • First of all, go to setting.
  • Now go to mail.
  • Now go to account.
  • Now go to fetch new data.
  • Now scroll to the bottom and choose every  15 minute under fetch.

Do it in every email account and apply it. Many people think, how this tiny notification use this much data. Yes, you are right But it can save little battery. So if you also get push message, stop that right now.

3.Hidden Location Services

iPhone has best google location service to tell your location and also some other uses. I am not telling you to turn off your location service but your have to stop some hidden location services which use data and also battery continuously and because of it’s constantly work, iPhone uses more data and more battery. So if you want to turn off that hidden location services, just follow the following steps.

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How to fix Location Service
  • Now just go to setting <<  Privacy << location services.
  • Now tap on share my location. If you want to share your location with your family member, just leave this on.
  • Now scroll to the bottom and tap on security services. There are some misconception that If you disable these services. Your iPhone’s function will not work properly. So it is just misconception, your iPhone will work same as before.
  • Now you have to turn off everything on the page except find my iPhone  and motion calibration and distance because it works as a pedometer in your iPhone.
  • Now Tap on frequent location and turn it also off because it provide frequent location of your iPhone. So it takes lots off battery to provide the frequent location.
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  • Now tap on system service menu.
  • Go to bottom and turn on status bar Icon. After turning on this status bar icon, you will able to see arrow whenever your location service is turn on.
  • If you see purple arrow next to any app, you’re using location service and if your see grey arrow means you have used location service within 24 hours. So you can determine like that weather you are using location service or not.

3. Diagnostic & Data usage

To know diagnostic and data usage just go to setting and privacy, now scroll to bottom and tap on diagnostic & data usage. Now choose ‘Don’t send to stop my iPhone from automatically sending data to apple.

4. Close out all Your App

As iPhone do not prefer this option to do for saving battery but as I know it is also very important because when we open lots of app at the same time, the apps work in background and takes battery to work. So just once or twice in a day close out all your app. To close out just double click on the home button and clear all opened app.

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5. Notification: Only use the One You Need

As you know notifications are very important for all of us but only important notification as share market notifications or any job alert notifications. But You tube notification is not so important. So don’t allow any app to send push messages to your iPhone except the one you need.

To Manage Notification, Just follow the following steps

  • Just go to setting.
  • Now go to notification. After taping on the notification, you will see list of all installed apps.
  • Just check weather it is turn on or turn off.
  • Turn on the from which you want to notification and turn off other apps.
  • You will receive notification from only turned on apps.
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Turn off Your Phone once in a weak

Sometimes, a simple trick do the work. If you want that your iPhone battery’s life become long, just power off your iPhone once in a weak. Powering off can solve many solution as software problem and battery problem. So just power off your phone. To power off, press and hold power button until slide to power appear on the screen. Now swipe the circular power on across the button and wait until turn off. To start again, just press the same button means power button until the Apple’s logo appear.

So by applying these tricks you can save your battery life and also increase capacity of battery. If you have any problem related to iPhone, please comment below in comment box. I have also linked some popular iPhone or iPad problem. You can click on that link to read.

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