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7 Most Popular Paid iPhone Apps

iTunes is totally filled up with great apps. We know about many popular iPhone apps like Facebook messenger, Instagram,Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat etc. Beside these, there are number of great apps that we even don’t know. Above apps listed are totally free. The most popular paid iPhone apps are dominated by games app. Everyone loves playing games on their iPhone. 

Below I am going to list some of the most popular paid iPhone apps as of now:

1. Minecraft – Pocket: (Game) If you never played this game then I think you should start right away. The most popular game and paid iPhone app. Millions of users are playing Minecraft.

Most famous iphone app

2. Trivia Crack (Ad Free) – (Game) The 2nd most popular paid app on iTunes. Get it now and check how much you score compared to others. It’s a total fun and timepass app. 

Trivia Crack iPhone app

3. Heads up! – (Game) If you love playing games on you iPhone then you need to get this one. Heads Up is currently ranking at number 3. According to NY times, “will be the best dollar you ever spent” and a total sensation for this app. 

Heads up for iPhone

4. Five night’s at Freddy’s 2 – (Game) With more than 4.5 ratings on iTunes, it’s one of the best games out on itunes. Check it out. 

Freddy app iphone

5. Afterlight: (Photo and Video) – It’s the best image editing software available on iTunes. In facts, it’s the only one that you need. The number of features and tools provided are best ones to get any look and feel in your pictures. Try it out. You won’t get disappointed. 

afterlight app for iphone

6. Stick Texting Emoji: (Productivity app) These are fully animated stick figure text scenes better than any emojis or emoticons. These are totally funny and expressive. Thousands of people are loving it. It happens to be one of the best paid apps for us. I totally loved it. 

stick texting

7. Instant Blood – (Health and Fitness):  It lets you measure your blood pressure using your iPhone. You don’t need a big bulky cuff with you to measure you blood pressure. It’s highly useful for many people. 

most popular iphone app


There are number of other most popular iPhone apps on iTunes. However these famous iPhone apps are being used by thousands of people across world and they stand out of the crowed for their function, UI and many other things. If you don’t have any one of them, check it out on iTunes and start using them. These apps are also the most downloaded apps in 2014 and leading in 2015. You can use these apps on iPhone 6,5,4 and iPad as well.

If you know any other good apps being used by thousands of people in your area, do let me know via comments. I will try to include them in other posts.