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Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working Problem

Has your iPhone speaker stopped working? You do not able to listen music or phone call ring. Apple in built best quality speaker in iPhone but nothing is perfect in this world. So if your iPhone’s speaker has stopped working, do not worry. In this article, I am going to discuss about iPhone’s speaker problem. In any phone/mobile, speaker is the main part because without using speaker you can’t use iPhone properly. If your iPhone do not have speaker, it is like a man without ear and mouth. As a man can’t listen music or anyone’s talk. iPhone also can’t listen your voice and it can speak means you can listen music and you also don’t be able to listen any call. So if you want to full use of your iPhone, you have to repair your iPhone’s speaker.

iPhone speaker is not working

So in this article, I have mention some best method by using which you can make your iPhone’s speaker by your own. If you want to repair your iPhone speaker at home and by your self, just read full article. First of all, we’ll discuss about which problem can be in speaker and then we will know its solution. Let’s know all about iPhone speaker.

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Is My iPhone speaker broken?

Now we don’t know about what problem is facing our phone speaker. So first of all we have to diagnose the problem. If your speaker has stopped working, there will be two types of problem. First software problem and second hardware problem. Lets know about software and hardware work in iPhone.

  • Software: In any iPhone. Software decides which speaker should be speak and when should be play.
  • Hardware: The built in speaker in bottom of iPhone and it also converts software order in to sound wave which we listen.

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What causes iPhone’s Speaker Stop Working

As I said that there will be only two type of problem a software problem or the hardware problem.

  • Software Problem: If there is iPhone’s software problem or if software is malfunctioning, iPhone can not send proper signal to hardware and that is why your iPhone speaker has stop working. If your iPhone ‘s speaker has stopped working because of software your can fix it at home and by yourself.
  • Hardware problem: If there is iPhone’s hardware problem or hardware is malfunctioning, iPhone cannot convert software’s signal into wave and that is why your speaker does not able to speak but there is hard ware problem then you have to get repair your iPhone from Apple care.

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How Do You Decide it’s Hardware Problem or Software Problem?

You can not decide by seeing your iPhone whether it is hardware problem or software problem. You have to try some software solution which has given below. If if does not work and does not able to solve your iPhone speaker problem, it is iPhone hardware problem and you have to get it repair from Apple care but most of time, software solution can help to fix speaker problem in iPhone.

So just try to solve the problem, if it does not work then move on to another method.

How to fix iPhone Speaker Problems

Method 1: Make Sure iPhone is not silent

First of all, you have to make sure if your iPhone is not in silent mode because if your iPhone is in silent mode, your iPhone will not ring. So just determine whether your iPhone is in silent or not. Many times, we does not pay attention at this and we thought why was iPhone is not ringing. So first of all, just determine it and solve the problem.

Method 2 : Make Sure your iPhone is not Stuck on Headphone Mode

It has happened many times with many people. When we connect headphone to iPhone, iPhone play music and phone call through it. Sometimes when we remove it from iPhone but iPhone think that it has connected yet and iPhone play music through it. iPhone can not play the music. It happens because of some technical issues.

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So you have to make sure whether your iPhone is stuck on headphone mode or not. If it has stuck on head mode just remove by using pin or go to apple care to release from headphone mode. If your iPhone is not stuck on headphone mode and iPhone is not ringing, just move on another method.

Method 3: Make Sure the Volume all the Way Up

Sometimes accidentally the volume button goes down and iPhone stopped ringing. So if it is also happened with your iPhone. To solve problem, you have to turn the volume up. After doing this, your phone will start ringing.

If your iPhone is still not ringing, just move on to another method which is mentioned below.

Method 4: Make Sure Sound Isn’t Playing Somewhere Else

So if you are thinking how can it happened. Yes it can happened. Sometimes, iPhone automatically reconnect to Air play or Apple TV, if you have connected  your iPhone before with any device. If you have done this before, may be your iPhone is ringing in your car or in your home, if your iPhone is reachable with that device. So if it is ringing there just disconnect your iPhone from that device.

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If you want to know whether Air play is on or off, follow the following method.

  • Go to setting.
  • Now tap on the bluetooth icon.
  • Now turn off it.
  • Now tap on the Air play icon.
  • Now turn it off.

If your iPhone has started working, it is software problem. If your iPhone speaker is still not working, just go to another and last method. If this method is not able to help your speaker problem, you have to go to carry your iPhone to Apple play store.

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Method 5: Restore Your iPhone

Now this is last way to fix your problem, if there is a software problem. If there is not a software problem, you have to take your iPhone apple play store. To restore your iPhone, just follow the following step.

  • Before restoring your iPhone, just make sure if you have back up your iPhone or not. If you do not back your iPhone, just back up it and then follow the following step.
  • First of all, connect your iPhone with your laptop and open iTune in it.
  • Press the power button, Home button and volume down button together for 8 second.
  • After 8 second, release the power button but don’t release home button until iTune says,” iTune has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”
  • If you have successfully enter your iPhone in recovery mode, your iPhone’s screen will be black. If doesn’t just follow the step from begin and try once again.
  • Restore your iPhone using iTune.

Now your iPhone has restored and if problem is still exist there, I can definitely say that there is no software problem and you have to carry your iPhone to Apple care center so just go and get your iPhone speaker repair. Thank you.