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Setup iCloud Control Panel on Mac

iCloud can be easily set up in Apple Mac. You don’t need to download any software as iCloud is already included in Mac. In windows PC, we need to download iCloud Control Panel to install it before we can use various features of iCloud. iCloud is already installed on Mac. You just need to set it up from system preferences.


Follow the step below to set up iCloud on Mac :

1.  Update your MAC to latest updated version of OS X.  Click on Apple Menu and click on Software update. This will update your Mac OS X to latest version if available.

2. From the Apple menu, Click on System Preferences. Now click on iCloud and Log in with your Apple credentials. Once you are signed in, you can enable many services according to your choice. The selected choices can be synced across all your iOS devices.

3.  There are few other things which you can do and they are absolutely free. You can get a free iCloud webmail account  which is free and totally Ad-free.  From your iCloud preferences, click on Mail and complete & follow onscreen instructions.

4.  You can also enable photo stream by going to iPhoto or Aperture and clicking on photo stream icon in the left hand side column. Now click on Photo stream.

5. Just like in Windows, you can enable automatic downloads of Music, apps and books on your MacBook using automatic downloads in iTunes. For this you need to go to iTunes >Preferences >Store and then click on Music, apps and books. 

However Automatic downloads option is not available for previous versions. You need to check whether it’s available for your device or not.  Check on Apple official website.

To get the best of iCloud, you need to turn on iCloud feature for all your devices which can be done via system settings on iPhone, iPad and others. Once you turn on, you can sync files between your Apple devices.

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