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How To Find Your Lost Android Phone

Android covers almost 80% of the market according to many researches. So there are chances that Android mobile phones will get stolen. Although there are many app in the Google play store which are available to locate or track your Android phone but people realize the same after their device gets lost or stolen. There are other methods as well through which you can find your android mobile in which you don’t have to use an app to locate it.

Using the methods described below, you can track all your Android devices such as mobiles phones and tablets. Yes, tablets can also be tracked and you can easily get them back. Let’s look at the methods below and you need to decide which one you want to follow to get your device.

1. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a great feature provided by Google to track your Android phone. Through Android device manager you can track your phone, you can make it ring and erase all your data. However these things can only be done if below things are done at the time of setup :-

  1. You Android phone must be connected to a Google account. Google keeps asking to enter your username and password on all Android devices. If you have not done that then Android Device Manager will not work.
  2. Your Android phone must be connected to the internet.
  3. In Google settings app, you need to ensure that Locate your device using ADM and Allow ADM to lock android device and erase data options are always turned ON. If you have disabled it then there is no chance that ADM will find your device.

You can use the Android Device Manager by two ways. You can use it by logging in to the official website : Android Device Manager Login and other by using the ADM app. Suppose you lost your phone or somebody stole it then you need to take a laptop and signin on the above link right away before it’s too late. Once you login, you will be find your device and you can track it and remote control it in the form of ring and erase data.

In case you don’t have a laptop nearby then you can use your friend’s mobile. Take another mobile and install ADM App from Google Play store. Now use your Google account credentials to signin to the app. Once you sign in, you can perform the above mentioned functions from the app.

One more thing….

There is a chance that you will not find the location of your mobile. Tracking only works if mobile is connected to the internet. If someone didn’t steal it then you will easily find it as most of us like to keep internet running but if someone stole it then he/she can turn the internet off or disconnect your Google account. In both cases, ADM will not work.

2. Using Dropbox to Find your Android or iPhone Device

Dropbox! Seriously?

Yes, you can find your phone using Dropbox app’s Camera Uploads feature. Best part is that you can find both Android and iPhone devices using this app. However this method only works if below points are satisfied :

  • You device is connected to the internet when it gets stolen.
  • The option “Camera Upload” must be on in your Dropbox app.
  • The thief must click pics.

This is how it works. Whenever someone will click the pic with your android or iPhone device, the Dropbox will upload the pics to your account. You can see those pics by signing in to your dropbox account online using a laptop. There is a chance that you will be able to identify the person or the place where the pic was clicked. And it will be even much easier if someone will take a selfie.

Now if you know the person from somewhere then you can report the same to the police to get back you Android or iPhone. There are people who have found the thief using this technique and it’s really effective.

There are few other methods which will be posting soon. We don’t want to make this article too big 😉 We highly recommend you to activate such features when your purchase and setup your device for the first time. This will you can find it easily one it gets stolen. Make sure you connect your Google account with your devices such as mobiles and tablets.