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Why Does My iPhone Get Hot Battery Drains Fix

Are you using an iPhone and it’s getting very hot? It is very common and most known problem in Apple’s iPhone. Sometimes it is obvious to get hot but sometimes it becomes very hot and feel like iPhone might burn your hand. If you’re feeling like this, you have got a hot iPhone or iPad. It means there is something wrong in your iDevice. Some reasons have been given below. Read and know exactly about overheating iPhone.

Why my iPhone is overheating fix it

Why is my iPhone is overheating?

As you know, if you have an iPhone, you are carrying computer because it allows and also can do everything what a computer can do. It has all component what a computer has. But in iPhone it was very tiny components. If you noticed ever that one thing is not like computer in your. The thing is fan. Fan is only one component which keep computer.

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If you are thinking that because of fan your iPhone is getting, it’s a bullshit excuse. When you open any one computer then you will see bunch of fans are set there and the hottest part of computer is CPU. CPU is the parts that heats up quickly in the computer and also in iPhone.

Your iPhone is overheating because its CPU is revved 100%, all the time

The CPU of a computer or phone is like a engine of car. If you accelerate the car, you car will use the most gas. When we revved our car in full speed then our engine would overheat. It overheats because we use it roughly. That’s exactly what’s happening to iPhone.

If you’re using many app at the same time, your iPhone will overheat soon. When you start any app in your iPhone, it uses more CPU to get thing going but it uses a little when app is loaded.

Your iPhone is overheating because the CPU is revved up 100% the screen is off and it’s is in your pocket.

If your iPhone is getting hot, it’s a software problem. You can test it by dipping iPhone in water. In this test, if your iPhone is started overheating, it is hardware problem and if your iPhone is dry, it is you who use lots of app at a same time.

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In a car, there is only one driver who driving the car but in iPhone, there are lots of drivers or apps. Every app has its own pedal and can rev CPU 100%. May be one of your app is holding the pedal into metal so you have to find out the app which misbehaving and you have to stop it.

Now let’s know how to diagnose a hot iPhone.

First of all, you have to lighten up your iPhone by stopping all running app. So close all running app of your iPhone. If you don’t know how to stop all running app, follow the following instructions.

  • First of all, double tap on home.
  • Now you will see list of opened app of your iPhone.
  • Just wipe off all app ( Don’t wipe the app which you want to remain open)

Now you have reduce work load of your iPhone.

How many Apps Have been Crashing on your iPhone

Now it’s time to detect and remove the app which causing trouble to your iPhone. First of all, just remember from which date your iPhone start to overheat. If you can’t, don’t worry. May be, you downloaded any certain app in your iPhone and because of that app your iPhone is started to overheat. If you need any hint, follow the following instructions to find the list of everything that’s crashing on your iPhone.

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  • Just go to setting.
  • Privacy (Scroll to the bottom)<< Diagnose and Usage<<Diagnose and usage data.

If you see same app listed again and again, you have got problem with that app. Just uninstall the app. If you can’t find any app, don’t worry, just skip this step and go to software update for other solution for overheating.

Software Update

If you find that you don’t update your iPhone for a long time, it’s time to update software of your iPhone if software update is available. Sometimes it fix all problem and also setting problem. If you don’t know how to check if software update is available or not in any iPhone device, follow the given instruction.

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  • Go to setting << ¬†General << Software update

Sometimes iPhone says,” Update can not be installed because there is not enough storage space.” You can plugin your iPhone to computer with iTune and use the computer to update the software in your iPhone. If you use your computer to update the software of your iPhone, you don’t have to release space or uninstall any app.

Reset all Setting

If you have tried all above tips and it won’t for your iPhone, reset all setting. If have seen many time, it solve many problem your any phone.If you don’t know how to reset all setting, follow the step given below.

iPhone overheating problem fix it

  • Setting << General Setting << Reset all Setting.

It will clear all your wifi password, reset all your wallpaper and restore all setting to their default. It doesn’t remove or delete any data of your iPhone. If this trick also do not help to solve the overheating problem, move on to any problem one solution restore your iPhone.

Restore your iPhone

Now it’s a last solution to solve the overheating problem. If you follow all above tips and it can not help to solve your problem, there is a serious software problem with your iPhone. You can get rid off it by restoring your iPhone. After restoring your iPhone, 95% problem of any iPhone solve automatically. Before starting the restore process, you have to back up and restore your phone to iCloud. You can also back up and restore your iPhone to iTune.

So back up and restore which one you want either iCloud or iTune. Hopefully our this article help you to solve the overheating problem. If you want to ask any question related to iPhone or any iDevice, please feel free to ask by writing in the given comment box.