Siri Not Working

Is Siri is not working properly? It’s about time to solve the problem. Siri is introduce by apple with iPhone 4s. You can ask about any thing to Siri. It makes quite easy for users to search what the users wants. So by this feature iPhone won every users heart. You can also change it’s language. So It’s great feature which is given by Apple but sometimes we face many problem with Siri. As Siri did not understand what you are saying or Siri is not responding at all. Sometimes, we face problem because of it’s setting.

How to fix if Siri is not working in Iphone

Siri Stand for Speech Interpretation and Recognition and interface. As you are facing problem with Siri and you don’t able to solve Siri. I have mention some tricks to fix the problem with Siri in iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. Let’s know how to fix Siri.

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How to fix if Siri is Not Working Properly

Speak Properly to Siri

Sometimes, when Siri can’t understand your language, It’s does not respond. As you know Siri keeps learning. So the more you speak to Siri, the more Siri will be able to answer perfectly. So keep interacting with Siri. It will help Siri to understand your language. You have to be precise what you want.

Toggle Siri from Setting

Sometime, you don’t able to find any file of you iPhone or search on internet. If you are facing this problem on internet, Just restart the Siri. Many time it helps. If you don’t know how to restart Siri, follow the following steps.

  • First of all, go to Setting.

How to fix if Siri is not working

  • Now Go to General.
  • Now tap on Siri.
  • Now tap on button beside Siri to turn it off.
  • Now after sometimes tap on same button to turn it on again.R

Now go to Siri again ask what you want. If Siri start working like before, you have successfully solve your problem. But if problem is still exist, move on to another step.

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Reset Network Setting

If You don’t able to solve problem by above method, may be it’s happened because of your network problem. So if it is because of network setting, just reset your network setting. If you don’t know how to reset network setting, just follow the following steps.

How to fix if Siri is not working properly

  • Now just go to setting.
  • Now go to General.
  • Now tap on Reset network site.
  • If you save any pass-code, enter it.
  • Now tap on reset network.

Now go to Siri and ask to do something. It is working, it is your network causes problem. If you are facing problem still, skip to next to method.

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Update iOS to Latest Version if Available

It is very time taking method but it can solve your problem at glance. If your iPhone is not updated yet, may be because of this Siri is not working properly. So let’s check if your iPhone is updated or not. So if you don’t know how to update, just follow the given steps.

Siri is not working fix it

  • First of all, open setting.
  • Now tap on General.
  • Now go to software update.
  • Now tap on download and install.

If there is any update available, update and try again to ask any question to Siri. If it is still not working, just go to next method.

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Switch on/ off Dictation

Sometimes, Siri not response because of dictation problem. So if there is any dictation problem, you have to solve it. Sometimes, only switch on/off dictation works to menage it. So if you don’t know how to switch on/off dictation, just follow the given tricks.

Siri is not working fix

  • Now first of all, go to setting.
  • Now go to General.
  • Now scroll down to keyboard.
  • Now tap on dictation and turn it off and after sometimes turn it on.

Now go to Siri and try once again. Is it working? If it is working, you have solved the problem and if it is not working, it’s time to go towards another method.

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If Hey Siri Enabled?

Check if hey Siri feature is enable in your iPhone or not. If it is disable, you will face problem as long as it will not enable. So first of all check it is enable or not. If you don’t know how to enable, just follow the given steps and check if it is enable or not.

  • Just go to setting<<< General << Siri << Tap on Hey Siri.

So these are some method by using which you can fix if Siri is not working properly. If you are facing any problem in your iPhone, just comment in comment box and mention about your problem.

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