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Did you ever think that you could play games without using internet or WiFi. Yes, you can play games without internet in your iPhone. There are lots of such games available on internet which allows you to play games without using wifi or carrier data. iPhone has become a highly brand and he has made her place in the market so many game developer has started to make both online and offline games  for iPhone or iOS operating system. But all games are not suitable for iPhone or iPad.

If you want to install any app or anything from App store, you have to inquire it first because many app or games which are made for iPhone is not app. It is only made for disturbing your device. So you have to be aware of this type of games. So before installing any app, you have to be careful and find other information about it.

Offline games for iPhone

If you are finding the games which does not require WiFi data or internet data, in this article, I have mentioned some offline  games for iPhone which doesn’t require WiFi or internet data. Gaming is time pass for us, we play games at bus station or railway station when we want to spend time without being bored but there is only one problem that is WiFi or internet connection because some games we can not play without internet connection. So don’t worry today I have mentioned 20+ games which doesn’t require WiFi internet connection. So let’s know about it.

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Free Offline Mobile Games for iOS and Android

Here are some no Wifi games for iPhone and also mentioned some featured about game. So read it and download and play in your iPhone. There are 20 + games that don’t need internet connection which are given below.

1. 4 Pics 1 Word game for iPhone

offline games for iPhone

This is very amazing game that don’t require internet connection. This game is oldie but don’t it is pretty amazing so it worth visiting. In this game, there will be given for phone images. You have to pic one word which will common in all images. If you will able to guess the word, you will win and if you can’t just try again. This games has easy to difficult level and you have to be smart step by step otherwise you will loose the game.

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This game is one best iPhone games that don’t need internet connection and one of the mind sharper games. So if you want to play this game, just click on the given link and it is available for free for iPhone and android.

4 Pics 1 Word game for iOS

 4 Pics 1 game for Android

2. Duet- game for iPhone

offline games for iPhone

Duet is the game which full fill your requirement and also very exciting game that don’t need internet connection. It is pretty simple to learn and get into and very exciting. This game will improve concentration of your mind and also increase your brain power. So if there are kids who love to play games, you can make him more intelligent by using this games.

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It is not free game for iPhone so you have to pay for it. But it is high rated game so you can try it once. If you are really such games that don’t need WiFi or internet connection, it is best for you because play this game without internet or WiFi connection.                                

Duet- Offline Games for iOS

Duet – No wifi Games for Android 

3. Plague Inc.- game for iPhone

plague Inc. HD wallpapers for download

If you have every played any game like pandmic, plague Inc. is same game. It is not so difficult to play but it also need concentration and also this the game that don’t need internet connection. Plague Inc. is not time pass game but it can also improve your concentration. It is very famous among the people who are finding the games no need wifi to play.

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So if you want to try it once, just try and start playing in your mobile.

Plague Inc. No Wifi Games for iPhone

Plague Inc. offline game for iPhone

4. Pixel Dungeone- Game for iPhone

pixel dungeone HD wallpaper for download

Have you not ever play this game or even you don’t listen about this game? Then it is your bad luck because it is very famous game that don’t need wifi connection to play. Pixel Dungeone is very high rated games and it is also very popular among the people who are searching a game that no need wifi for playing. It is also lightweight and very easy to operate.

So just play this game. To play this game in your iPhone or iPod, you have to Go to your App store and download this game from there.

Pixel Dungeone for iOS Device

Pixel Dungeone for Android Phone

5. Unblock Me – free offline Game for iPhone or iPad

No wifi games for download


Unblock me is a puzzle game so you have to solve the puzzle but it is different type of puzzle. In this game, you have to get rid of red block. Unblock me is also famous by its real name Rash hour. So you can search it by writing Rush hour in the App store. This game is very hard to play but as they said that nothing is impossible in the world. So Just play this game and increase your brain concentration.

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Download this game and start solving the puzzles.

6.Doodle Jump – Game for iPhone or iPad

Doodle Jump HD wallpapers for iPhone

Doodle Jump is very favorite game in people. It is never ending vertical jumper game that don’t need internet connection. It is also very famous by its other name endless runner games. Doodle jump is very enjoying game and also addictive one. So if you play once it, you will play again and again. In this game, your goal is climbing as high you can without collide or falling. So just start running and run till infinite. It is also very high rated game so download it, if you are searching this type of game.

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7. 80 Days – Game for iPhone or iPad

80 days games for iPhone

80 days one of the paid games, It is very popular but only some people have played it. It is not traditional Games. First of all, you have to know about game wholly. It is also one the games that don’t need internet or WiFi connection for iPhone or iPad. 80 days is very attractive games so you can download it.

80 Days for iPhone and other iOS Device

80 Days Game for Android phone

8. Crash Lands- No Wifi Games

No wifi games for iPhone

Crash lands in also very fantastic games and it is also free games without WiFi. In this game you have to built a base, fight and defeat your enemies. The combat system of this game is so different and simple. You can simply harvest the resources and craft your base and items. If you are using iPhone, you have to pay $4.99. Once you play this game, you will be addictive of this game. So download this game because it one of the games without wifi.

Crashlands- WiFi free Games for iPhone

Crashlands- Wifi free Game for Android phone

9. Planescape: No WiFi Games

Planescape No wifi games for iPhone

Planescape is also very attractive game and this is no wifi  game means you don’t internet connection to play this game. Torment is very famous and it is also well known to gamer who loves to play games.  This game is very easy to learn but hard to master it. So you have to be enough intelligent and very smart to be master of this game. Xcom mission will be harder progressively but you will get enough time to build your team, power full weapons and new recruit. You have to give your 30 to 40 hour to complete it.  Bheamdog has present this game for us with specific features. So if you want to play this game, just download it now and start playing this game.

Planescape – Game for iOS Device and iPhone

Planescape – Game for Android device and phone


XCOM enemy within No wifi games for iPhone and android

XCOM: Enemy within is also very impressive game you will love to play game with best graphically tactical strategy and it is also no wife game for android and iPhone. This game is also easy enough to learn it but it is very difficult to master it.  As you have to be more intelligent and give your best to this game to be master of it. X COM is very famous games in young children and also in adults.

XCOM: Enemy within Game for iPhone

XCOM: Enemy within Game for android


Bad Land Offline games for download

BAD land is a 2D games for game lover. In this games, you are a forest dweller and you have to run. On the way, there are many obstacle to stop you but you have to recognize it and escape from it. There are some best quality in this game as – it has best graphics that makes it a stunning game, best audio and last but not least it is no wifi game. So you can play this game offline.

This offline game allows up to 3 multiplayer on the same device. You can use saw to cut hard material. You can work together to beat the level of game and you can also develop a level for yourself. It is endless game with endless fun. This game is very high rated and over 10 million people have download and play it. So if you also want to play this no wifi games in your iPhone or Android phone, just click on the link below and download in your device. As it is one of the free games without wifi. So you can enjoy this game without any disturbance of low internet connection.

Bad land Wifi free games for iPhone 

Bad Land Wifi free games for iPhone

12. Minecraft Pocket Edition

No wifi games for iPhone and android

Minecrafrt is one of the games which allows you to put your creativity with a loose. This is the game which allows you to build cloud, bridge or house according to your choice. In this game, there will be available many materials as sand, dirt, stone and cements. So you can build it according to your thought. So it is very interesting game for users. This game is also no wifi game means you can play this game without using wifi or internet connection.

To download the game from below links

Minicraft game for iOS and iPhone

Minicraft game to Android phone- Wifi free game

13. Walking Dead: The offline Game

Walking dead offline game for download

This is the game which requires more intelligence to play. In this game, you have to take some tough, quick and difficult decisions. You have to bear high level tension all time. Writing and brilliant game play and it is created by telltale. As there are many imitation of this game so first of all you have to check the creator name and then download it in your iPhone or any iOS device.

Walking Dead offline game for iPhone

Walking dead offline game for Android

14. Riptide GP Renegade

No wifi games for download for iPhone and android

This game is one of the best racing games ever. You can invite a friend to play with you and can also play it by your self. It is well managed game which is very friendly. Its high level graphic don’t allow any type of problem to enter in between game and users. In this game, you will a hydro jet driver and you will make every type of stunt on waterfall, river and many other waterways. So if you want to take water driving experience, you must play this game once.

Now if you want to play this game, just download it in your iPhone. It is no wifi games means you don’t need any internet connection or wifi to play this game. Just click on the below game and download it.

15.Angry Birds 2

Agree bird no wifi games for iPhone and android phone

As this game, need no introduction because it is a very famous game which has played by millions of people. This game can be played offline so it is another offline game for you. It is very amazing game which allow its user to take fun and enjoy fully. There are lots of features added in this. So it has become better than before.

Riptide GP game for all iOS Device

Riptide GP game for Android phone

So if you want to play this offline game in your mobile, just take it in your mobile by clicking on given link.

16.  Super Hexagon.
17. Bloons TD 5
18. Reckless Getaway
20. Combo crew
21. Sorcery.
22. Zoobies Match.
23. Angry birds.
24. Candy crush.
25. Fairy Island.
26. Bread Delicious.
27. Pastry Passion.
28 Jewel Academy
29. Sweet Candies.
30. Shape Matcher.
31. Apartment Match.

So these are the best game that don’t need WiFi to play and it also don’t need to internet data to play. If you need any one just download it in your mobile. All these games have been available to download for both Android and iPhone or iPad users. Some games are available for free and some are paid. So you can download which one you want.

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