My iPhone Won’t Charge .. Fix

iPhone is not charging? Why my iPhone is not charging? My iPhone won’t charge? How to fix iPhone is not charging?. We ask like this when our iPhone won’t charge. We become very perplex but being perplex you can not fix iPhone charging problem. So you have to get the solution by which you can fix it. When our iPhone won’t charge, we just want to go for Apple’s help but sometimes it happened because of some basic problem with our charging cable or related to our charging instrument. So you can fix it within one minute or in ten minutes. Some best tips are given below by which you can solve the charging problem. If you don’t know how to know if iPhone is charging or not, let’s know.

iPhone won't charge fix it

To determine weather iPhone is charging or not, just plug in electricity socket. Now see in the upper side notification bar, if there is lighting bolt next to the battery icon, your iPhone is charging. if not then your iPhone is not charging. So if your iPhone is not charging, there are some best reasons and also given how to fix it.

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1. Check iPhone Charging Port for Debris, Lint and Obstructions

Sometimes simple things works as cure of any problem. Just check weather your iPhone charging port is filled with dust or debris or pocket lint or any other lint. So first check it. If you do not able to see, just see by using torch. Sometimes, because of these obstructions, charging cable can’t fitted properly and iPhone’s battery can not connect to power source and consequently iPhone do not start charging. If you find any obstruction, just pull out from there. You can use toothpick, Pin or dry brush to pull out. You can also use air to pull out from there.

iPhone won't charge fix it

Once the iPhone’s charging port clear out, just connect charging port to your iPhone. You can also check the end point of charging cable. If any debris or lint are clogged there, just remove and then connect to your iPhone.

2. Change the Wall Outlet or USB Port Plugged Into

Sometimes, wall outlet itself not working. So first check if the wall outlet by which you used to charge your iPhone is still working or not. To check just plug in to another wall outlet and also check light switch is off or on. So change and check it.

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If you charge your iPhone by connecting your iPhone to Mac book or desktop, Change the USB port. Sometimes, by using same USB port constantly, it won’t work properly. So change it to another USB port.

3. Check the USB Cable Itself

Sometimes, we check all instrument but not USB cable. So it’s time to check USB cable. Just connect to any other device, If USB cable still not working there then its your USB cable which causing trouble. So replace the USB cable with new iPhone charging cable. You can buy the best iPhone charging cable or USB cable by clicking on given link.

Best iPhone Charging Cable and USB Cable.

4. Reboot the iPhone

It rarely needed but when your iPhone is not charging because of some software issues, it is very much required for your device. So if your problem still there and you can not fix your problem, you have to reboot your problem. So let’s force to reboot. Now press and hold power button until the Apple logo appear. Now on your iPhone and try to charge. Perhaps it help to fix your problem.

iPhone won't charge fix it

5. The iPhone was Damaged and Won’t Charge

If your iPhone is damaged, it won’t charge. So you have to go to Apple store and give him. They will repair all damage. Usually a simple screen crack does not make much difference but if your iPhone is damage seriously, just go to Apple store.

If you want to ask any question related to iPhone, just comment below about your problem. We will help surely.

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