My iPhone App Store Not Working Blank Fix

Whenever we listen or know about any good app, we just download it. As, If we want to download any app in iPhone, we  have go to app store and search the name of that app to install it in our device but sometimes it is very difficult. When you go to try out any app, first we have to install it. When we open App store in order to install it, the screen is either blank or struck loading. If you think it is an hardware problem, you are wrong because it is your App store which is not responding. Sometimes it is very easy to download but when your App store doesn’t response,  you can’t download or search any app to download. Let’s fix App store and start downloading and installing app in iPhone, iPad or iPod.

How to fix if App store is not working in iPhone or iPad

How to fix when App Store is not Responding

Weather you have iPhone or iPad or iPod the process is same. So you can fix App store problem of iPad and iPod by using following method. I have given some points to fix App store problem. So follow correctly step by step and solve it easily.

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1. Close and Reopen App store

Sometimes it happened because of some internet connection issue. Whenever it changes network to 3G to 2G or any other networks, Internet struck for few moment. So App store can’t load the page. If it is the only problem of App store, just close the App store and after sometime reopen it.

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To close App store, just double click on iPhone home button to open App switcher. Now close App store and back to your home page. Now reopen App store. Hopefully your problem has been solved. But if it is not fix yet, move on to next method.

2. Clear the App store Cache

Clearing App store cache, is very simple and it can also fix the App store blank page. Sometimes, because of App store cache, App store page got blank or not loading speedily. Many people don’t know how to clear cache of App store. To clear App store cache just tap 10 times on the bottom of the App store screen. Now App store will automatically reload and App store cache automatically get clear. Now close App store and reopen. Hopefully it will solve your problem. If not just move on to next step.

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3. Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes, we did not pay heed on basic problem and go for its solution without checking it. So it’s time to check basic requirement. First of all you have to check internet connection of your iPhone or iPad or iPod. If you internet connection is off, just on it and after being connected, reload the App store page. You will see, it automatically reload and open your App store page. If your Internet connection is already on and you don’t able to load the App store home page, just off internet connection and after sometime On your internet connection or you can also connect to WiFi, If it is available. If App store is still not loading, move on to next step.

4. Turn your iPhone off and back on

Sometimes, iPhone or any other phones facing problem because of some simple issues. These simple issues can be solved easily. The only thing you have to do, just power off your iPhone and power on after sometimes. If you don’t know how to turn off the iPhone, just follow the given steps.

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  • Hold the power button until power off option appears on screen.
  • Slip the circle with the power off and turn off your iPhone.
  • It will turn off in at least 30 second.

To turn on, just press the same button until the apple logo appear on the screen. Now just go to App store and open it. If App store is still not loading, move on to next method.

5. Sign Out of the App store and Back in

Sometimes, it is very easy to fix this problem but as we don’t know about easy method, we can’t solve the problem. App store is not working problem, can be solved by just sign out and sign in with apple Id. If you don’t know how to sign out, just follow the following steps.

  • First of all, go to setting.
  • Now go to iTune & app store.
  • Now choose Apple Id.
  • Now tap on Sign out.

Now you have signed out from your Apple Id and it’s time to sign in again. Just tap on sign in and sign in again. Now go to App store and check if page is loading or not. If problem is still there, move to another method.

6. Reset Network Setting

‘Reset network setting’ option can solve half of your phone setting problem. So if App store’s problem has not fix yet, it is about time to reset all setting. After applying reset all setting option, your iPhone will forget all WiFi password. If you don’t know how to reset network setting, just follow the following steps.

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  • First of all just go to Setting.
  • Now just go to General.
  • Now go to reset and tap on reset network setting.
  • Now just follow the prompt.

After resetting network setting, just go to App store and try to load it.

7. Restore your iPhone

If App store is still not loading, it is The last step to solve any problem related to software. Restoring can solve almost all software problem of any iPhone. So If any method doesn’t work, it’s time to restore your iPhone. When you restore your iPhone, It will remove all information and all installed app of your iPhone. So first back up your iPhone and then try to restore your device. If you don’t know how to restore iPhone, just click on the given link.

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I hope, you successfully fix “App store not working problem”. If you want to help related to iPhone, just comment in given comment box. We will definitely help you to fix your problem. Thanks.

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