How to Take Screenshot on iPhone

Screenshots are very helpful in today’s tech-savvy era. Whether you want to copy a recipe from Google, send instructions for an assignment to your friend or copy a quotation from Instagram, screenshots are the simplest way to save all such important images in your gallery, instead of having to download a large file or copying down each and every piece of information. You definitely don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to take a screenshot as we are here to help you.

Below methods are valid for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and every other version.

Following are the ways that can help you take a screenshot in an iPhone easily

  1. General Method

This is the easiest and most commonly known one. You need to simultaneously press the Power button and the home button to take a screen shot. Following this method you actually need to be careful to hold and release the buttons at the same time as pressing or releasing one before the other will not take a screenshot and lead to other options that are if you press the home button first it will take you to the home page while on the other hand if you press the power button first it will switch off your phone.

iphone screenshot

2. Using OSX

You can take a screenshot of your iPhone applications by using OSX. OSX is not exclusive to iPhone applications. You can hold down Command-Shift-3 to save a screenshot on your desktop as PNG and then use applications on your phone to edit your screenshot. Even Command-Shift-4 is also helpful taking a screenshot it helps you take a screenshot of just a proportion of your application.

screenshot on iPhone using OSX

3. Doing it with Grab

You can also use grab to take an application in OSX as this has a unique feature of taking a screenshot of the entire window. This helps you take screen shots of a running application by making few clicks. You can even take shots of applications that you don’t own or have its unpaid version only.

4. Using Xcode

iPhone 6 screenshot using xcode

Xcode’s organizer tool is designed to provide you with a user-friendly interface to take screenshots of the running applications on your iPhone that is connected to your computer.
1. You can open it by going Xcode in your windows and selecting Organizer or just hitting Ctrl-Command-0.
2. Once it is opened you need to select iPhone from the devices section on the left of your window.
3. Then you need to select Screenshot tab on the main section
4. Then wait for the application to be in the state you want to take a screenshot in.
5. Finally, press the button saying capture in the organizer and it’s done.
Thus, this is all you need to do for taking screenshots on your iPhone and saving whatever portion of an application, a website or any webpage you want to save for later use. We hope these steps are simple and you can definitely use them to solve all the issues you ever faced for taking screenshots.

Beside these there are number of apps available on app store that can take screenshot of the iPhone and save it in your gallery. You simply need to search it on the app store. Give it a try and you will find many of them. However these are the basic methods and easy to use without wasting any time. So, go enjoy your iPhone with this latest information you have collected and you can take a screenshot of it.