How To Fix iPhone 7 Water Damage

What you have dropped your iPhone is water reservoir or in pool or in sea while taking photos or doing any other work in your iPhone? Do not worry, you have reached at right place. Dropping iPhone in water is not dangerous but it can be very dangerous things if you do not care and start using your iPhone without proper treatment because it can damage your iPhone screen and many other hardware which are necessary for your iPhone. iPhone is not like other mobile phones because it has enough protection.

How to fix a water damage iPhone

In this article, I have mention some best tricks to save an iPhone from water damage. So just follow the given step and save your iPhone from big damage. Sometimes when we don’t care because at that time your iPhone is working properly but you have to care for it because water effects gradually. So if your iPhone is facing water damage problem, just follow the following steps and save your iOS device from water damage.

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External Drying

How to fix a water damage iPhone

First of all, you have to dry your iPhone externally. If you don’t know how to, just follow the following steps.

  • Fist of all, Just take out your phone from water immediately.
  • Now clean it by using clean clothes.
  • Never plugin to power charger to charge it because it can damage and also your iPhone may be dead so never charge it.
  • If you iPhone is still on means power on, just turn it off because it causes short circuit in your iPhone.
  • If you have protect your iPhone from case and it is wet, just remove it and also take out SIM card from your iPhone by using pin or ejector.
  • Now turn your iPhone up and down gently for taking out water from inner part of your iPhone as earphone, speaker or charging port.

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Power Off iPhone

How to fix a water damage iPhone

It is very important to turn off iPhone because as I said it causes short circuit in device. When short circuit take place, it can cause long term damage in your mobile. If your iPhone got switch off, don’t need to switch on your mobile and if it is not switched off, the first of all just switch off it and then do any other process of repairing. If it is not switch off, then just follow the given step and switch your iPhone off.

  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • Now long press power button.
  • Now select power off and your phone will be automatically switch off.

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Dry Out Your iPhone with Dry uncooked food

How to fix a water damage iPhone

Now we have remove all water from our interior part of iPhone. Do not use hair dryer or any other heating method because it can damage many part of iPhone. Some users are suggested to use non heated fan or air to resist all water from your device but you can also use the below given step to resist all water from iPhone.

Some uncooked rice is always available in our home. So we can use it to resist liquid from iPhone. You have to put your wet iPhone in a bowl which is already filled with rice. You have to keep your iPhone at least 48 hours. Uncooked rice has capacity to absorb water from wet things. So you can use it to repair your iPhone from your iPhone.

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Dry Out iPhone with silica gel sachets

How to fix a water damage iPhone 

If you don’t have uncooked rice or you do not want to use uncooked rice, just dry out iPhone with gel sachets. You have seen that many product has sent with silica get sachets specially humid country. Silica gel sachets are water absorber. So you can use it for dry out iPhone and save your iPhone from water damage. You can also buy these special silica gel sachets from market. It can work faster than uncooked rice but you have to give 48 hours for the best result. So keep your iPhone with silica get sachets, probably it will help you to absorb water from iPhone.

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Dismantling Your iPhone or iPad

How to fix a water damage iPhone

If you want to dry iPhone and resist all water from every internal part of your iPhone, you have to dismantling your iPhone. If you are not enough confident to dismantle iPhone, you can go to your near repairing shop and dismantle iPhone or iPad. To dismantle iPhone, you need iPhone repair kit in which you will find every type of screw which can open iPhone properly without any disturbance. If you haven’t, click on given link.

iPhone or iPad repair kit click to buy

If you don’t have iPhone or iPad repair just click on the given link and buy. Now open iPhone with the help or screw driver and remove battery from iPhone and keep iPhone in sun because sun can absorb water sooner than other method. It will surely work but if your iPhone is in warranty, do not open just go to apple care and get repair your iPhone.

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What to do Next

If you are thinking that you have given enough time (3 to 4 days) to dry wet iPhone, just try to switch on it. If it is working properly as before, thank God and start using your iPhone, if it is still not working, go to iPhone care and tell him about your problem. They will help you surely. Do not mess up your iPhone and force to switch it on because you can lose your iPhone by doing this stuff.

Hopefully the above given method work for you. If you are facing any problem, please comment below. We’ll surely help you out. If you once get rid of this problem, you have to ready for possible damage. To avoid this problem, you can buy emergency damage kit for iPhone or iPad.

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