How to Fix iPhone 7 Home Button

iPhone 7 home button is not working or you can not click on iPhone 7 home. Do not worry. you can do your work what you want to do with your iPhone without using iPhone 7 button but there are some way by using which you can fix your home button. In this article, I have mention how to fix if iPhone 7 home button is not working. The iPhone 7 is the only Apple model in which a stationary home button is used. So if it has stop working, it can be little fearful matter. As Apple’s fail safe feature allow you to work without wasting your time. After sometime, when you get time go and get repaired your iPhone.

iPhone 7 home button is not working fix it

According to Apple, when any hardware stop working in iPhone 7, it detect that there is something wrong with particular hardware and it will replace that hardware with a software. So it will help out if any hardware stop working. So you can carry on using as a normal as before. To unlock you can enter passcode and start using your iPhone. When you get time to go to Apple care, Go and get it repair.

If you don’t get hardware replacement, a hard reset can solve either or both problem so let’s hard reset your iPhone.  To hard reset just follow the following Step.

How to Hard Reset iPhone 7

In iPhone 7, you don’t need home button to hard reset. You can hard reset your iPhone by using only volume and power button. Let’s see how to.

  • Just Press and hold Power button and volume down button together until Apple logo appears on the screen.

Now your iPhone has hard reset. Hopefully your iPhone problem has solved other wise you have to go to Apple care and get repair your iPhone. If iPhone 7 system did not send any replacement of home button you can create it by your own. Just follow the following steps.

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  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • Go to setting.
  • Just go to General Setting.
  • Now tap on Accessibility.
  • Now, You have to turn assistive touch Setting on.

You will see, After turning on your assistive touch on, there is a new option appear on screen.

If you want to place anywhere else on the screen, just tap on it and place it where you want. Now tap once again, you will all option has appeared on the screen. You can launch siri, and many other option which you do with home button. You can also unlock your iPhone by pressing device and after that long press lock device. If you want to ask any question about this topic, please comment below. Thanks.

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