How to Fix iPhone 7 Black Screen

As you are saying, your iPhone is switch on and iPhone’s screen is not responding. The iPhone is ringing but you can not answer the call because iPhone’s screen is turn black. In iPhone, these problems are very common specially in iPhone 7 and 7 plus but you can fix it by following the given tips. Usually iPhone is the best phone and also consider as best mobile phone around the world but no one is perfect in this world. So we have to manage it.

iPhone screen turn black fix it

Black screen is not a big problem but you have to do some technically work for it. Usually it take place because of hardware problem and if we do not care for it you can lost your iPhone’s screen. So take immediate action and get repair your screen immediately. In this article, I have mention how to fix iPhone 7 and other model black screen problem. Let’s know how to fix iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 8 and other model screen problem solution.

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How to Fix iPhone Black Screen Problem

There are many reasons for getting Black Screen of iPhone which is mentioned below.

Hard Reset to Your iPhone

As I said, A black screen problem is usually caused by hardware problem with an iPhone so there is not a quick fix problem but sometimes it is also said that sometimes a software crash also cause to freeze iPhone screen or black screen. So Let’s try to solve the problem by hard resetting. To do hard reset just follow the following steps in your iPhone and reset your iPhone.

iPhone screen turn black automatically fix

  • To hard reset, Press and Hold power button which is also known as wake up button and home button the only button at the same time at least for 10 second.
  • In iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, you can use volume button and power button to hard reset until the Apple logo appear.
  • If Apple logo appear, it was not a hardware problem. So if Apple logo appear, you have solved the problem.

So if you have solved your problem means your iPhone has started working but if your iPhone screen is not started working yet, just read whole article. By reading foreword, you will get to know about why is your screen turn black automatically. So let’s know about it.

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Why is My iPhone Screen Black?

To know why is your iPhone screen has turned black, you have to dismantle iPhone because without open your iPhone, you can not know about problem exactly. We’ll talk about only two parts of iPhone to know why is your iPhone screen get black.

iPhone screen turn black why?

  • iPhone’s screen or display.
  • Logic board.

iPhone’s screen shows you everything what you want to see in your iPhone but logic board is brain of your iPhone because every part of your iPhone is connected to logic board. Your iPhone’s screen shows you but logic board tells him what to show or display.

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You can remove all display of your iPhone but it is very complicated to remove all component from logic board. There are four major components built into iPhone’s display which are mentioned below.

  • The LCD, which displays all image what you see on screen.
  • The digitizer which digitize your finger which means it turn the touch of finger into digital language.
  • The front facing camera.
  • The Home button.

Each component of iPhone display has connected separately that connect to your iPhone’s logic board. That’s why your finger work on the display. Even when iPhone’s screen turn black, the digitizer continuously works but LCD is not working so you can not see what is happening on your iPhone’s screen.

In most of the cases, when the connector which connect iPhone display to logic dislodged, the screen stop to respond. This is why the screen of iPhone turn black. The cable which connect display to logic board is called display data connector. So unplugged this cable and plugged it back it can fix your display problem.

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Sometimes, iPhone screen turn black because your screen has broken or dislodged. So you have determined why iPhone’s screen has stop responding. To determined, whether your iPhone’s display has broken or cable has dislodged, read following paragraph.

How do I know Whether My Display is Dislodged or Broken

There is no proper trick to know it by yourself but it is not impossible to know about it. There are two ways by which you can do and determine whether iPhone display is dislodged or broken.

Why iPhone screen turn black fix it

  • If any iPhone screen turn black or stop working after you dropped it, your screen is probably blacked because LCD cable has dislodged.
  • If iPhone turn black or stop working after you dropped it into water and it got wet, your screen is probably blacked because LCD has broken or dead.

So if above reason is matching with your reason, you can decide whether your iPhone is dislodged or broken.

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How to fix A Black Screen Problem

So if you have determine whether iPhone’s screen has dislodged or broken, here are some solution by which you can solved your problem.

  • If your iPhone screen has dislodged, you can do it by yourself but never try if you do not know any thing about it. Just take appointment from Apple care and fix it up.They can repair it free of cost.
  • If your iPhone screen has broken, you have get change your iPhone screen and it may charge lot of money but you can afford it. If you can not afford it, set up a third party iPhone display which are very cheap with life time guarantee.


Repairing your iPhone by yourself without having any type of knowledge about can be dangerous for you. so just get repair your iPhone by any one who daily repair mobile phones. If you have any problem in solving screen problem, just comment below and share your experience with us. Thanks.


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