How to Download Songs on iPhone and iPad?

With the iTunes app on your phone, you get access to music directly on your iPhone or iPad so that you are not bound to sync your iPhone to your computer for serving this purpose. For your convenience given below is a stepwise guide to help you download songs on your iPhone:

Step 1.

Launch the iTunes app from your iPhone

To download songs on your phone directly, you need to launch the iTunes app from your iPhone and get started.

iTunes App Music


Step 2.

Tap on the music icon:

Now tap on the “Music” icon you will see on the bottom horizontal navigation bar on your iPhone to search for songs to purchase, or you can also tap on the “Search” icon to browse a specific song, album, or artist you are interested in.

Music App

Step 3.

Look for the details you need:

In step three, search for the details you need to know about the music that interests you. As soon as you find out a song, artist or album of your taste, tap it open for further details. This tap will act as a portal to a page that has all the songs part of that album listed. Then tap on the title of any song you want to listen to for a preview.

Step 4.

Buy the music:

For a single song download:

In this second but last step, you have to look at a gray button to the right of the song which lists the price of that song. For purchasing this song, tap on this option twice. This process may require you to enter your Apple ID password for the confirmation of your choice.

For purchasing an entire album

Not just single songs, you can also purchase the whole album. For buying an album you again have to look for the gray button just like with the purchase of a single song, this gray button here lists the price of the entire album you are interested in purchasing. This is basically given in the album description section just above the list of songs in the album.

Now if you have automatic downloads on your iPhone turned on and also if you have a strong Internet connection, this purchase will start downloading right away.

How to turn on Automatic Downloads

Launch your settings app in order to turn on automatic downloads on your iPhone. You simply have to open “iTunes & App Stores” on your phone and next go to the “Automatic Downloads” section. Following these easy steps you can have your automatic downloads turned on for Music or Apps purchased from iTunes.

Step 5.

Launch your iTunes app again following the purchase of the song you chose, otherwise.

In this last step tap on the “More” option seen on the bottom horizontal navigation bar on your iPhone. Tap on “Purchased Music” option you see. Next choose either of these two options; an artist or “All Songs” You have to tap on the button to the right of the song of your choice for downloading it. If you have already downloaded that song on your iPhone, tapping on it would show a “Play” button instead.

Alternatively you can download MP3 of the song for free from any website on your macbook and can transfer it through iTunes. You can also get free music apps from app store which stream music for free. If you have good internet connection plan then you can directly stream and listen for free. In fact it’s one of the best way.

Music apps for iPhone

Spotify is one of the best apps to listen songs. There are many other too on the app store. Check their ratings and few reviews to know about them and install it. Apple is not android and hence you have to do things differently. 

Here are few more things that you may want to know about iPhone: