How to Download Free Movies on iPhone

Movies are one of the world’s most beloved and popular forms of media and entertainment, so much so that film plays an important role in the culture and identity of most every nation. Needless to say, there is a substantial amount of demand for new and old movies all around.

While the occasional movie rental or trip to the cinema is certainly enjoyable, is has been generally established that these things are also relatively expensive! Moreover, those who own an iPhone have the ability to enjoy nearly any movie that they’d like free of charge, by following some quick and easy steps.

Yes, some readers are more than likely a bit skeptical at this point, but it really is possible to enjoy free movies on an iPhone by following some basic steps. Let’s take a look at these steps!

Step 1—Download a YouTube Video Downloader

The first step towards downloading free movies on the iPhone is obtaining a free YouTube video downloader. Many different versions and types of these apps can be found in the marketplace free of charge, and based upon one’s personal desires and the reviews of other users, a particular app should be selected and installed. Just be sure that there is no maximum video length attached to the app (unless it is a limit which is longer than that of a movie, like ten hours).

Step 2—Find a Full-Length Movie on YouTube

Although it may surprise many readers, there are actually a ton of full-length movies available to watch on YouTube for free. Simply searching for “full movies” will turn up an impressive selection of feature films, in good video quality and uploaded in their entirety, once again.

Once a particularly interesting movie is found, it’s time to download it. Depending upon the video-downloading app which was selected, downloading this movie (and any other video) can be done over the internet while on YouTube, and/or through the app itself.

Step 3—Possibly Download One More App, and/or Enjoy!

Some YouTube video downloading apps may save the downloaded files in a different format than iPhones can recognize, and therefore require a different application to play. Most of these apps are also available to download free of charge, but it’s worth checking beforehand, through the description of the video-downloading app itself.

Finding this second app isn’t hard, and some users won’t even have to do so! Whichever category one falls into, be sure to enjoy the downloaded movies (offline, and at whatever time is desired, of course!).


It’s also worth mentioning that, for those who want to enjoy films and/or television on their iPhone, but will have steady access to an internet connection, a great deal of specially designed streaming websites offer access to some awesome forms of media. These streaming websites can be found with a simple online search, and even if one is planning to download, it’s probably best to have a streaming source noted for backup.

Good luck downloading, streaming, and most importantly of all, enjoying, free movies on iPhone!