How to Download Free eBooks on iPhone

The avid reader may feel that there aren’t enough free eBooks to fill up their iPhone library, but there are apps for that. No matter what types of books you enjoy reading, these apps open up a variety of free eBooks for your enjoyment. There is everything available from fiction and short stories, to non-fiction books. These apps can be downloaded on your iPhone and provide an easy-to-use reading interface.

Here are some of the best apps, and the benefits of each.

1. Wattpad.

free ebooks on iphone

This is an eBooks reader with plenty of free books, and short stories. It’s built up of writers who share their stories online.

• The app is completely free.
• There is the ability to share favorite stories with your Facebook friends.
• It’s available in over thirty different languages.
• Provides recommendations to you in chosen genres such as fiction or teen.

2. 24,469 Classics to Go.

This app has virtually every popular classical fiction book ever published. This is a great opportunity to catch up on the reading you didn’t do in school.

• There is access to a dictionary to look up words.
• Notes and highlights help to understand what you’re reading.
• You can add a bookmark to save your spot on the page.
• App shows you the original book covers and designs.
• A night mode helps you to read in the dark.

3. eBook Search Pro.

ebook search pro iphone

Provides a simpler way of searching for free eBooks on your iPhone.

• Modest charge of 99¢ for the app itself.
• Limited free version of eBook Search is also available.
• Provides a search of seven different catalogs.
• Also searches for free audiobooks.
• There is an “open in” option so you can open your eBook in any other app on the iPhone, such as Kindle or iBooks.

4. Shakespeare Pro.

All of Shakespeare’s works are available within one app.

• There is a free version of the app, but if you think the fully-featured one may be helpful you can upgrade for $9.99.
• Beautifully formats the texts, making them easier to read.
• A glossary is provided, so you can learn word meanings.
• A special reading mode will help you to understand what you’re reading.

5. MegaReader.

megareader iphone app

This app provides millions of free eBooks at your fingertips.

• Choose from a library of over 1.8 million free eBooks.
• Choose from the best online book catalogs.
• Both classics, popular publishers, and indie authors are included.
• There is the ability to personalize font color and size, margin width, line spacing, justification, and page transparency.
• Lock the screen in portrait or landscape modes.
• There’s the ability to flip through the book, while still holding your reading spot.

The great thing about the iPhone is that you can have multiple apps on it. You can download several different eBooks apps for your iPhone. Depending on your mood, you can open up any app at any time of the day and have millions of eBooks for your reading pleasure. You’ll never pick up a real book again!