How to Delete History on iPad Browser

Somehow our mobile devices seem more personal to us than our desktops or even our laptops. After all, we can take them with us anywhere. They are so easy to carry and store away when needed that most people are attached to them like umbilical cords. However, sometimes the convenient and personal nature of our mobile devices gives us a false sense our security. Just as with desktops, everything we do on our computers – particularly the places we surf – is recorded on our mobile devices. Cookies are stored on them, pages we accessed, images we downloaded, etc. This is why every iPad owner should know how to delete his or her history.

There are basically two ways to delete your iPad history – via your browser or via your Settings.

delete safari browsing history

Delete history on iPad using Safari

  1. Click on your browser icon to open up Safari.
  2. Click on your bookmarks icon
  3. From here select the “History” option. (This will reveal a wealth of information on the pages you visited as well as the date and time you went to them. This information is placed there so that your browsing experience is quicker and more convenient but also greatly puts your privacy at risk.)
  4. On the right to the bottom there should be an option marked “Clear.” Click this.
  5. This will give you the option to either “Cancel” or “Clear.” Since you desire to clear, choose this option.
  6. Your history has now been cleared.

Delete history on iPad using Settings

  1. From your home screen open up “Settings.”
  2. From here scroll down until you see your browser icon.
  3. Click it.
  4. The option to Clear History should appear just as it did in the other method of deleting your history.
  5. Click to clear history (clearing cookies will also be an option. Again, you should consider clearing this too as it increases your privacy.)
  6. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Do this and your browsing history will be deleted.

Also, in order to increase your privacy, you should consider using a VPN app and familiarize yourself with your device’s privacy settings. Simply because we carry our iPads and other mobile devices with us everywhere and because they seem more intimate does not mean that we should not be cautious about what data we leave on them that others might see.

Eventually, someone else may see or be privy to the information you store on your device. Therefore, for the sake of keeping your data safer, speeding up the performance of your iPad and eliminating clutter, every iPad owner should know how to delete his or her history.