How to Block No Caller id On iPhone

Sometimes we perplex because of unknown numbers as telemarketers or spammer. If you want to block these numbers, it’s time to know how to block these numbers. iPhone allows to block any number. The only thing you need, you have to add that number in block list. So if you don’t know how to send or add any number to block list, I have just mention how to block No caller Id  on iPhone.Many telemarketers use no caller Id to call because they don’t want to tell about themselves. So these calls come on your iPhone with labeled No caller Id or unknown.If you want to block these numbers, I have mentioned some tricks by using which you can block these calls.

How to block no caller id calls on iPhone

How to Block No Caller Id On iPhone

Some best methods are given below to block no caller Id calls on iPhone. So follow the given method and block no caller Id phone calls.

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Method 1. Do not Disturb

For blocking caller Id numbers, you have to enable do not disturb mode. If you don’t know how to enable do not disturb mode, just follow the steps.

How to block 'No caller Id' calls using do not disturb on iPhone

  • First of all, Just go to setting.
  • Now go to do not disturb.
  • Now you have to choose manual and turn on Do Not disturb (when Do not disturb mode is on, A moon icon is appeared on the status)
  • Now Tap on Allows call from.
  • Now if you want to choose all contact, just choose all contact otherwise you can select the contacts whichever you want.
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After enabling do not disturb mode, the call which you haven’t selected, will be silenced. So these no caller Id calls never disturb you except it is not saves in your contacts.

Method 2: Using Contacts

Now you have create to a contact ‘ No caller Id’. To create new contact, Just follow the following steps.

Block no caller Id phone calls iPhone

  • To create new contact, just tap on contacts.
  • Now tap on + button.
  • Now enter phone number 000-000-0000.
  • Now tap on done.
  • Now you have to scroll down and tap on block this caller.
  • After taping block this caller, You will receive a pop up message written ‘ you will not receive phone calls, messages or FaceTime from people on the block list’.
  • Now tap on block.
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Method 3. Block No Caller Id Calls ( Cell phone services)

Some carriers provide features to block No caller Id. Check if your carrier provide blocking feature, call and ask him to block No caller Id. It is only way to truly block any number at network level. So if your carrier provides blocking service, it is the way to block caller Id number.

If you also want to hide your caller Id, just follow the following method.

  • Just go to setting.
  • Now go to Phone setting.
  • Now go to Show your caller Id and Turn it off.

Now if you call any one, they don’t get your number. So if you have any question just comment below. I have also mentioned some link related to iPhone software problem. Just click and read it all. Thanks.

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