Fix My iPhone Won’t Charge Problem

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones today. Even though the market share of Android based devices is much higher than the ones based on iOS, the truth is that all the iOS devices are just a few models of iPhone. This makes iPhone the single most popular smartphone model. Of course, this doesn’t mean that this device is ideal and that users can’t expect to experience any problems with it. One common problem for iPhone users is the inability of their device to charge. This can be a very serious problem because without charged battery you can’t use your device. Now let’s check some of the possible scenarios and how we can solve this problem.

1 First of all, we must point out that even though iOS is a very sophisticated operating system, the fact is that it is not immune to software crashes. When you plug your device to the charger, the software detects this connection and the process of charging begins. If the software has crashed you can’t expect that. The only thing you can expect is a blank black screen that comes as a result of the crash. So, what can we do in situations like this? The solution is very simple – hold the power and home button at once for up to half a minute. In this way you will reboot the system and everything should be fine.

2. Sometimes, the iPhone is working properly and there is no indication that something is wrong with the software and even if you reboot your device the phone is not charged. This is the time when you need to check the USB cable. Search for any signs of wear and tear or damage to the cable. Take special attention to the both ends of this cable because the damage can usually be found there. Try to use another USB cable charger for iPhone to see whether the USB is the problem.

3. If the iPhone software and USB cable are fine, you should inspect the power source. A power source that provides power that is not stable (sometimes car power sources act like this) can confuse your phone’s software and you won’t be able to continue charging your iPhone. So, it is a good idea to plug the USB cable in different power sources including your laptop, computer, wall plugs etc.

4. Finally, the problem can sometimes be located on the device itself. Of course, we are talking about the charging port. This is a very small opening, but it is not difficult to get clogged with dirt, dust and debris. Clean the area thoroughly (don’t use liquids) and gently. Sometimes, users damage this port when they talk while the phone is charging (they are pulling the phone and the contact is lost). In situations like this, you may have to consult an experienced professional.

We hope that these practical scenarios and answers will help you solve your iPhone charging problem.