Fix iPhone Headphones Not Working

Is your iPhone’s headphone not working? If you have tried your best but your iPhone headphone is not working, don’t worry. I have mentioned some best tricks by which you can repair your iPhone’ headphone. iPhone headphone is one of the best headphone but sometimes we don’t care about it and because of carelessness headphone does not work properly. So if your iPhone headphone is not broken but it is not working, read this article wholly. If you are very sure that you have plugged in your iPhone and the speaker of your iPhone headphone is not working, there may be two reason of it.

How to fix iPhone headphone not working

  • There is a problem with your iPhone headphone.
  • There is a problem with iPhone headphone headphone port.

So if iPhone headphone is good so you have to do something in your iPhone headphone port.

How to find if iPhone headphone is working

To find if iPhone headphone is working or not, just unplugged headphone from iPhone and plugged in any other iPhone and observed if it is working or not. If your iPhone headphone is working, you have to repair your iPhone headphone port. If headphone is working, just follow the following step and try to solve headphone port of your iPhone.

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Check for Debris, Damage or Loose Connection

  • Check for debris in the headphone on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • Now you have to check your earphone cable, connector remote and earbud for damage, like wear or damage.
  • Now you have to debris your earphone buds.
  • Now clean your iPhone headphone port.
  • If your iPhone has a case on it, remove the case for firm connection.

Now if you are still not listening sound, you have to replace your headphone. If your iPhone is stuck on headphone and you are unable to get your iPhone into normal mode, I have mentioned some best method to get your iPhone into normal mode.

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How to Get rid of iPhone Headphone  Mode

If your iPhone has stuck on the headphone mode and you can not get iPhone into normal mode, there is 99% possibility that it is a headphone problem but first of all we have eliminated the software problem if there is any.

Eliminate Software Problem for Headphone Problem

To eliminate software problem you have to switch off your iPhone. To turn off your iPhone, press and hold power button. After few second, swipe to turn off iPhone appear on screen. Now turn off iPhone and after some time turn on iPhone. It will only take 30 second.

After turning on your iPhone, check if your iPhone is still stuck on headphone or not. If it is still stuck on headphone mode, it is not a software problem. It is a hardware problem. There is two types of hardware problem in this matter.

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  • Your iPhone’s headphone jack has been damaged either physically or by water or any other liquid.
  • Any debris has stuck in iPhone’ headphone jack that is fooling your iPhone that there is a headphone is connected with your iPhone.

Take A Look Inside The Headphone Jack

To see look inside the headphone jack, you have to take a torch or any other lighting item as flash light, or sun shine to look inside. Now see if there any debris is not stuck in headphone jack. If there is any debris stuck, you have to remove or extract from there but you have to careful because sometimes in order to clean debris headphone jack get damage and if it got damage, you have change it. So you have to careful in cleaning of headphone.

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So if you want to clean your headphone, you have to use an unofficial trick because apple don’t have perfect tools to clean headphone jack. It is very important to clean your headphone jack because if you don’t clean your headphone jack, you will be never able to listen music by using the iPhone. There are many ways by which you can easily clean your mobile phone headphone. So lets try out all the trick.

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Compress Air

You can use air to clean the debris from headphone jack. To debris just blow the air in the jack. If the debris is wet and not getting out from there, blowing air can dry it and after drying it will come out automatically. So try it out if it will do you can be done this by your self.

If there is any suggestion related to this article, please comment below. If you have any other knowledge to repair headphone by oneself, please mention below in comment box. Thank you.

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