Fix Can’t Connect to iTunes Store Problem

Do you have iTunes connecting problems? Do you complain that it is hard to connect to iTunes at random times? Before you get to fixing iTunes connecting issues, it is essential to know a bit about iTunes itself.

Amongst the many free media players on hand, iTunes is very popular as of its close integration with 2 of the most sought after electronic gadgets today, the iPhone and the iPod. Both need Apple’s media player for a lot of reason, not the least of that is the transfer of media files from your laptop to the portable device.

can't connect to iTunes

Old time users understand, however, that iTunes has its good and bad part. It is sleek and intuitive, but most times utilizing the application could be really frustrating. Frequent connecting problems will surely test the patience of the most ardent fans. These concerns normally happen every time new updates are installed.

There are many reasons why it is hard for you to connect to iTunes store such as:

ISP Problem

The most popular reason why you cannot connect to iTunes store is because of internet connection. This problem is demonstrable. You can try fixing to a website page on your device or computer. When you experience this problem on your TV, try connecting to a 3rd part service like YouTube, Sky News or Netflix. If you cannot connect to other services or website pages, then there’s a problem with your internet. The best thing to do is to call your ISP provider to aid address the issue.

To address low internet connection you may try these steps:

  • Also, you need to ensure that you’re in the range of base station or Wi-Fi router.
  • Ensure that your gadget is capable of connecting to wi-fi and what is important, your device must be capable of accessing the internet.
  • You can also try resetting your router.
  • When it is not working, then you must trouble shoot your Wi-Fi connections?

slow internet iphone

Restart Network and Switch Wifi-3G

The simplest reason why it is hard for you to connect to iTune store is due to a network problem. When the signal is low or weak, there is a chance that App store will not open.

  • The best way to find out is to switch off your Wi-Fi network and then open it.
  • One way of finding out is to turn off your network and restart it.
  • Shift to 3G
  • Leave App Store or iTunes app (from the multi-tasking switcher)
  • Then open iTunes Store again
  • When you’re on 3G and this does not fix, you may need to shift to wi-fi again.

Another practical way to make sure that iTunes work smoothly is to have the registry checked often, to make sure that file associations, locations as well as other significant data are precise. The registry is the database which holds program parameters, system information, user setting and often changes in the system, like setting up new programs. Regularly updating the app also help you to connect easily without too much pressure.

Software Update

You also need to make sure that your iTunes is updated from time to time. Sometimes old iTunes can create problems. Check Apple’s official website to see whether your iTunes is updated or not. If it doesn’t updates itself automatically then you should manually download and install it. It will solve your problem. However in most cases a bad internet connection is the problem so you should first check the above solution to can’t connect to iTunes stores. 

iTunes Software update

Disable/Enable iTunes Parental Controls

This method has worked from many users. You can try you luck using this method of enabling iTunes Parental control on mac. Simply follow the steps given below. 

  • Open iTunes and click on preferences. 
  • Go to Parental Control tab. 
  • Now Click on Allow Access to iTunes U
  • Now close iTunes and relaunch.

enable iTunes in mac

Fixing by Changing the Date

For few users this method has worked like charm. By changing the date to set automatically in settings seems to fix the problem of connecting to iTunes.

  • Open settings and Click on General.
  • Click on Date and Time. 
  • Now change it to set automatically ON.
  • Now close iTunes and relaunch. 

Hopefully it will fix your problem. If you are still unable to connect to iTunes after trying all these methods then please comment so we can help you out. 

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