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How to fix My iPhone Won’t Ring

Is your iPhone not ringing ? and your don’t what to do. If you are operating an iOS device and you’re facing many software problem, don’t worry because on this website I have published many post related to iPhone software problem As How to fix if my iPhone won’t charge and many more. I have given these article link in this post with read also tag. So if you are facing the given problem in your iOS device, just click on the link and get all solving tricks. In this article, we are talking about fixing problem if iPhone is not ringing. You can try this trick on any model of iPhone and iPad as iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 8 or any other. Are you missing all messages and phone calls because your phone is not ringing.

My iPhone won't ring how to fix it.

There may be many problem with your iPhone if it is not ringing when it receive and calls or messages. I have given each problem solution step by step. Just try each of them and solve it. First of all, you have to determined why your iPhone 7 is not ringing. To determined it, just follow the given steps in your iPhone. So let’s start to solve the ringing problem of iPhone.

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Why Won’t My iPhone Ringing? Here are Some fix.

It is impossible to determined any software problem by seeing the iPhone. To determined it, you have to follow the each step of this article. If there is any problem related to the given step, it will automatically solve, after completing that particular steps. So lets start to follow the steps.

1.Check Your Ring/ Silent Key

How to fix iPhone won't ring

This switch is given in every model of iPhone besides volume button. It is used to turn off and turn the ringer. So first, you have to determine if that is the problem due to which your iPhone is not ringing. So check whether Ring/silent switch is on silent mode or not. If it is on silent mode, your iPhone will not ring.

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How do I check Ring/silent Button

Fix iPhone won't ring

Now you have to take a look of iPhone ring/ silent button. Ring/silent button is located at the left side of every iPhone model. If it is away from screen side, iPhone is on silent mode and if it is at the screen side, iPhone is on ringing mode. So if ring/silent button is away from iPhone screen, your iPhone is on silent mode. Slide it toward screen side. After sliding this toward screen side, it will move on to ringing mode and your iPhone will start ringing. When you slide the button, a notification will appear on the screen saying that your iPhone is move on to silent mode or ringing mode.

So if iPhone is start ringing, you have solved problem. If iPhone is still not ringing, just move on to second step to ensure any other problem.

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2. Turn Volume Button All the Way UP

If you are still facing problem that your iPhone won’t ring, it is the second method to solve the problem. If you play any audio or video song and your sound is working properly but when any call come onto your phone, it stop ringing, you have low down the ringer volume of your iPhone. You can increase it by yourself by pressing volume button up. You can also set it by going through setting. follow the following steps to set ringer volume.

How to set Ringer Volume in iPhone

How to fix iPhone won't ring

  • Go to setting.
  • Now click on sound and haptics.
  • Use your finger to slide up the ringing volume to increase the volume of your mobile phone.
  • From here, you can adjust the ringing volume. You can also set the ringing button work from here. You have seen here that a button has given there named, “Change with button” If you want that the ring/ silent button work then you have to enable this button and if you don’t want, disable this button.

If your ringer volume is 0%, it will not ring. So increase the ringer volume and make your iPhone ring whenever any incoming call or messages come on the mobile phone.

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3. Turn off Do Not Disturb

iPhone won't ring how fix it

Here is another fact that if your iPhone is on Do not disturb mode, it will not ring. So when it is on do not disturb mode, all incoming calls or SMS will go silent. So if your iPhone is on do not disturb mode, just turn it off. To turn off do not disturb mode, just follow the following steps in your iPhone.

  • Head to Setting.
  • Now tap on do not disturb mode.
  • Now just tap on the green button to turn it grow and to turn off do not disturb mode.

If it is already gray means do not disturb mode is off, it is not do not disturb problem. Just move on to another method to solve iPhone won’t ring problem.

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You can also turn off do not disturb mode by using Siri in your iPhone. To turn off do not disturb mode, just follow the following steps in your mobile.

  • First of all, you have to activate Siri. To activate Siri, just press and hold home button in your iPhone.
  • Now say turn off Do not disturb mode in your iPhone.

Siri will turn off do not disturb mode in your iPhone. If Siri is not working in your iPhone, just read article given below.

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How to easily know if your iPhone is on Do not disturb Mode

iPhone won't ring

It is another way to check if your iPhone is on Do not disturb mode or not. Just slide the lower slider in your iPhone and see there is a do not disturb mode icon is next to battery. If in the icon of do not disturb’s moon is covered with blue circle then it is (Do not disturb mode) is on. Just tap on the icon to turn it off.

Wrapping Up

So these are some best tricks to solve iPhone won’t ring problem. If any of given tricks is not working and don’t able to solve your problem, it is a hardware problem. You have to go to Apple care to get repair your iPhone ringing sound. If the iPhone is under warranty, they will repair your iPhone free of charge. If you are facing any other software problem as your iPhone won’t charge or any other else, just comment below. We will surely help you to solve the problem.