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How To Save Battery On iPhone

iPhone battery life is one of the most talked about features after taking it. Battery life is very important for you so that you don’t have to recharge every 2 days. iPhone is a real fun with all loaded features and these features drain your battery life too. You must know as which features to turn on and which feature to turn off in order to increase the battery power. There are many features which are not required at times like Keeping WIFI on all the time.

We are going to tell you number of ways as how can you save your battery power. It doesn’t matter which iPhone you have. Most of the methods will work on most of the versions whether you have iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or latest ones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. These small tricks will also works on iOS 6,7 and latest one iOS 8.

We are directly going to give you all the important points. Most of those things can be changed in settings of your iPhone.

Below is the list of things which you can perform on your iPhone to save battery power:

  1. Turn ON Auto Brightness Feature : It will really help you as the brightness will be adjusted in dark places. If you will keep it off, the brightness will be same at all places resulting in less battery power.
  2. Adjust your screen Brightness : We already know this. Screen brightness can be adjusted. Keeping it too high is not required. Change it to an optimum level to save power.
  3. Turn OFF background updates : Keeping the background updates on all the time for all apps and features drains you battery power quickly. Whenever you want to update, do it before sleeping so that everything will get updated by morning.
  4. Turn OFF Location services : Location services features eats your battery power very quickly. Keep it off for longer battery life.
  5. Stop Animations : Background motion is one of the great features of iPhone which is really cool. However it comes at the cost of battery power. You can reduce this feature through settings>general>accessibility>Reduce motion.
  6. Dynamic Backgrounds : While dynamic background seem pretty cool, they also take much battery power in long run. Disable the feature while selecting backgrounds.
  7. Reduce Auto-Lock Period : You can easily save battery power by reducing autolock period. It will shut down the LED on your phone. Set it to 1 minutes or so.
  8. Disable 4G LTE Connectivity : Most people love fast speed but it also takes you battery power. For simple browsing 3G is enough. To improve battery life, disable the 4G feature and turn it on only when required.
  9. Turn off Wi-fi : Hopefully you are not using it 24 hours. Turn off this feature when not in use. It will save good amount of battery power.
  10. Turn off Bluetooth : You also need to turn off this feature too. Turn it on only when required. There is no need to keep it on throughout the day.
  11. Stop sending Diagnostic data to apple. You can turn off this feature by going to Settings>Privacy>Diagnostic and Usage data.
  12. Turn off data push : We advise to check periodically instead of letting your phone do it whenever network is available. It eats battery power which you can save.
  13. Turn Off Equalizer : Equalizer feature is present in both iPad and iPhone. You can turn this feature off to extend your battery life.
  14. Don’t take app suggestions ( iOS8 feature) : There is no need for this one. Keep it off.
  15. Disable Photo Upload feature : With iOS8, photos can be easily uploaded automatically on cloud over wifi. Turn this on while phone is connected to a charger.

These are some of the tricks or methods which can extend your battery life. Now below are the most important points which will save your power most :

  1. Stop Playing Games! ( Now you understand how to save battery more)
  2. Stop unnecessary calls and texts while at workplace or away from home.
  3. Don’t keep charging your iPhone all the time even when it’s at 75%. It reduces your battery life.

One more thing…..

Go to your settings and check you battery power. It tells you exactly as what services or app is eating most of your battery. It gives you hourly,daily and weekly data. You can easily figure out and control the activities of that thing to extend your iPhone’s battery life.

We will be coming up with more battery saving techniques. The above will work in all iPhone except few features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus because of iOS8. If you liked the post, Share it with your friends on social media.

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