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How to Know My iPhone Baseband Version

Finding out your iPhone’s baseband or firmware version is very easy and you don’t even need to install any kind of software. The iPhone’s baseband version is right inside the settings of you iPhone. iPhone firmware is mainly software which contains OS of the iPhone. In your case, it might be iOS 7 , iOS 8 or some other version. Firmware of the GSM modem in your iPhone is normally called Baseband or Modern firmware. 

There are multiple ways to find your iPhone’s firmware or baseband version. You can directly check via settings or you can install software on your PC to check it. You can find the baseband version of your iPad,iPod in the same way which I am going to describe below. It’s also important to find about your baseband if you want to jailbreak it to unlock your iPhone. 

Here are few ways to find about your iPhone Baseband Version : 

1. Using iPhone Settings : 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Press General in settings menu.
  3. Now visit About from general menu.
  4. Now click on Version.
  5. Check the number in front of “Modern Firmware”. It’s your Baseband version/firmware version. 

Check out in PICS : 


Now if you are still confused about the simply easy process above or if you are unable to find 😉 then you can use below methods to know about your iPhone baseband version : 

2. Tiny Umbrella

Tiny umbrella is a small software that you can install on your PC. Now you need to plugin your iPhone in the PC and start Tiny Umbrella. It will give you all the information about your iPhone including its firmware version. You can download the software for free. Check out below : 

If your iPhone is connected then you will be able to see both firmware version as well as baseband version and if other devices such as iPod or iPad is connected then you will be able to see its firmware version. Baseband version is given because its used for making calls from iPhone.

3. Forecast

Download forecast and install it. Once you plugin your device, it will show you what baseband version your iPhone has. It will also show other useful information that you can use. Check out:

It doesn’t matter whether it’s iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 Plus, simply follow the process above and you will easily find you baseband version. People have numerous queries such as how to check iPhone baseband without activating, on locked phone or without sim. All I can say is give these methods a try. I’m pretty sure you will get your iPhone Baseband. 

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