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How to Find Macbook Model Number

Most people are confused when they are asked about their Macbook model number. People don’t know how to find the mac model number. It is very important to know about the model number of your mac because configurations differ from model to model. The macbook name may be same but configurations are different in different models. For example consider Macbook Retina 12 inch. It has 6 models overall with different configurations. Configurations differ in terms of color, memory and speed.Let’s see how you can find model no. easily.

Basically there are 2 easy way to find model number of macbook. You can find mac model number:

  1. By Serial Number
  2. By Information on receipt or box

How to find Macbook Model number using Serial Number?

Funny thing with most people is that they don’t know how to find serial number of macbook as well. Here are few ways through which you can find serial number of macbook:

1. In OS X Yosemite, you can follow below 2 steps to locate serial number:

  • Click on ABOUT THIS MAC from Apple menu.
  • Now you can see the SERIAL NO. above the SYSTEM REPORT NUMBER.
macbook model number


2. In OS X Mavericks or Later, you can follow 2 step only to find serial number.

  • Click on ABOUT THIS MAC from Apple menu.
  • You need to Double Click the VERSION NUMBER to find your serial number.

Mavericks model numberHow to find macbook serial number using System Information?

You need to open system information. Now click on hardware section. In the hardware overview, you will find the serial number.

Serial Number Macbook


Macbook Serial Number can also be found on:

  1. Outside of your mac (printed)
  2. On the Original Packaging
  3. On the Original receipt or email

I got my mac serial number. Now What?

find mac modelFind Macbook Model Number Using Information on Box or receipt

Find the marketing model number from the box or the receipt. If you don’t find then try to match the configurations from the table below to identify your mac model number. The XX in the table below represents Country code and it will vary according to yours.

Model Model identifier Model number Configurations

MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015)
MacBook8,1 MF855xx/A MB 12.0 SILVER/1.1GHZ/8GB/256GB
MF865xx/A MB 12.0 SILVER/1.2GHZ/8GB/512GB
MJY32xx/A MB 12.0 SPACE GRAY/1.1GHZ/8GB/256GB
MJY42xx/A MB 12.0 SPACE GRAY/1.2GHZ/8GB/512GB
MK4M2xx/A MB 12.0 GOLD/1.1GHZ/8GB/256GB
MK4N2xx/A MB 12.0 GOLD/1.2GHZ/8GB/512GB

MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010)
MacBook7,1 MC516xx/A 13.3″/D2.4G/2x1GB/250/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009)
MacBook 6,1 MC207xx/A 13.3″/D2.26G/2x1GB/250/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2009)
MacBook5,2 MC240xx/A 13.3″/2.13/2X1GB/160/SD

MacBook (13-inch, Early 2009)
MacBook5,2 MB881xx/A 13.3″/D2.0G/2x1GB/120/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008)
MacBook5,1 MB466xx/A 13.3″/D2.0G/2x1GB/160/SD-DL
MB467xx/A 13.3″/D2.4G/2x1GB/250/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Late 2008)
MacBook4,1 MB402xx/B 13.3″/D2.1G/2×512/120/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Early 2008)
MacBook4,1 MB402xx/A 13.3″/D2.1G/2×512/120/Combo
MB403xx/A 13.3″/D2.4G/2x1GB/160/SD-DL
MB404xx/A 13.3″/D2.4G/2x1GB/250/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Late 2007)
MacBook3,1 MB062xx/A 13.3″/D2.2G/2×512/120/SD-DL
MB063xx/A 13.3″/D2.2G/2×512/160/SD-DL

MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2007)
MacBook2,1 MB061xx/A 13.3″/D2.0G/2×512/80/Combo
MB062xx/A 13.3″/D2.16G/2×512/120/SD-DL
MB063xx/A 13.3″/D2.16G/2×512/160/SD-DL

MacBook (Late 2006)
MacBook2,1 MA699xx/A 13.3″/D1.83G/2×256/60/Combo
MA700xx/A 13.3″/D2.0G/2×512/80/SD-DL
MA701xx/A 13.3″/D2.0G/2×512/120/SD-DL

MacBook1,1 MA254xx/A 13″/1.83 GHz/60 GB/Combo
MA255xx/A 13″/2 GHz/60 GB/SuperDrive
MA472xx/A 13″/2 GHz/80 GB/SuperDrive

You can only find the model number of Macbook and not Macbook PRO. Macbook Pro has different models. Process of finding is still the same but the table given differs. If you have a Macbook pro then you should check out how to find macbook pro model number.

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