Best Apps for Free Music Downloads for iPhone

Are you looking for quality free apps that you can use to download free music right on your iPhone? — Read on, we’ve got a treat for you. There are hundreds of thousands of apps you can get from App Store for playing music. Most of these apps are just waste of time while others take a lot of time and probably lot of money to obtain. An independent research by “Digital Trends” proves that between Google Play Store and App Store you can get millions of music apps, starting from apps to listen to internet radio, stream music, tune guitar, portable DJ stations to the apps that you actually use to download music. Unfortunately, you cannot download all of them at same time. Your smartphone have limited space as such you need the good ones.

We have gone through the list of thousands of music apps in the App store to get some of the best apps that you can use today to download free music for an offline playback in your iPhone.  Whether you are looking for a sophisticated music player or something simple to download music from App store to your iPhone, we’ve got a list of best apps from free music downloads for iPhones. 

Below apps can be installed on all models of iPhone such as iPhone 4,4S, iPhone 5,5S,5C, iPhone 6,6S,6 Plus and others as well. You can install these apps on Apple iPad too.

  1. Rdio

This app is free, it have lots of functionalities that am sure you will find useful. It is one of the most downloaded free music download app from the App store. Rdio has more than thirty-five million tracks and also boast of unlimited streaming of music.

rdio music iphone app

The best part of using this app is that you can be able to get all sorts of music you need free, from classic hits and new releases from your favorite artists to hit songs you can use for your morning workouts. The app allows you to create your own playlists and share it with friends. You can also be able to follow artists and taste makers. Rdio allows you to stream music directly online and download the music to your iPhone for later offline listening.

  1. Songza

If you need an app that plays music according to your mood, then Songza will be an ideal choice. Songza boasts of lots of music from different categories and spanning numerous genres. Using Songza, you can be able to select and listen to variety of curated stations based on the time of the day.

free iPhone music app

Songza is favorite iPhone music player app for those who likes to work out early in the morning. It offers collection of hit songs that gets your adrenaline running all time high while working out.

Download Songza for free from App Store.

  1. Shazam

This app works in a unique way and it is one of the must-have apps you need to install in your iPhone if you don’t have it yet. This app can detect a music another person is playing and tells you exactly the title of the song and the artist that recorded the song. Cool isn’t it?

Shazam music iphone app

You can download Shazam free from the App store. The app detects songs and televisions shows in few seconds while at same time gives you an option to purchase those songs.

Download Shazam from the App Store.

  1. Beat Music

Beat Music is another great app you can use to stream or download free music fast in your IOS device. This app boast of more than 20 million songs that comes from every genre so you are sure that you can find a lot of songs that you will fall in love with.

beatsmusic iphone music app

Downloading music to your IOS device or iPhone with Beat Music is very easy. All you have to do is install the app and choose the music you want to listen to. The music begins loading in the background when you press “play”. You can press the “Download” button to download the music immediately.

Download Beat Music from the App Store.

  1. Music Free Download

If you are looking to download to your iPhone unlimited number of free songs then using Music Free Download may be an ideal choice. This music app lets you download your favorite music in different formats like WAV, MP3, even on M4A format. You can use the integrated player or play songs with it.

Installing Music Free Download from the App store will give you a great browser from which you can be able to browse and download unlimited number of music by pressing the downloading button located beside each song.

Download Music Free Download from the App store.

  1. SoundCloud Downloader

Soundcloud have almost unlimited number of songs that you can download using the app. If you want to stream the music directly from the App store, it is so easy with this app. You can as well easily use it to download your favorite music without any problem whatsoever. Another important feature of Soundcloud Downloader is the Airplay support and Background playback as well as high quality downloads.  Install Soundcloud in your iPhone and use it to download all your favorite music.

Download Soundcloud from the app store.

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