Airplay Not Working How to Fix

Having problem in Airplay then don’t worry, we are here to help you. If your device Airplay is not working properly or take too much time to response, not working at all. Don’t worry it’s time to fix the problem. Problem in Airplay is not so common but sometimes it become common, when we don’t know how to fix it properly.

How to Fix if Airplay is not working

What’s Airplay Do

By using Airplay any one can play wireless content form any iOS Apple’s device  on television through Apple TV. Airplay help to show exactly what’s playing on device onto the TV Screen. Only things require, to connect iPhone, iPad or Mac, is same local WiFi network. When you connect to the same Wi-Fi network, instantly becomes visible in every apps as- Photos, music, videos and Safari. If your Airplay is working properly, you can use it to share photos, videos or any movie in any party or presentation on bigger screen.

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It also allows for dual screen viewing. while playing game, you can turn the Apple device as a game controller and play the on the TV screen. You can also use home    Wi-Fi to connect and stream music through out the entire home.

But while using Airplay we face many problems. So Today we learn how to Fix Airplay. I have given some steps below to Fix Air Play problem.

Fix Your Airplay Problem: Tips

  • First of all, you have to verify both iDevice, Mac, Apple TV on the same WiFi network.
  • If you don’t see the Airplay icon, fist confirm that if your iDevice such as – Apple TV, iPad or any other airplay device is powered on or not.
  • If Bluetooth is on of your iPhone or any airplay device, turn it off (Setting<< General<< Bluetooth).

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  • Wi-Fi should be enabled of your iPhone, Apple TV or any iOS device( Setting<< WiFi)

How to fix if airplay is not working

  • Your WiFi router’s firmware must be updated.
  • Your Apple TV should have the current software (Setting<< General<<Update<< software).
  • Your iOS software should be up to date.
  • You should reboot your router.
  • Restart your Apple TV.

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  • You have to reset your iDevice by pressing and holding on/off button and after that slide the slider.
  • Make sure that there is no more that one device trying to stream.
  • There are some third party app which interfere with the Airplay. So uninstall that third party app from your iDevice.
  • MacOS and OS X: If you are using a firewall, find out that mirroring is not blocked.

To Unblock, follow the following steps

  • First go to apple menu.
  • Now go to system preference << security & privacy
  • Now click on fire wall<< fire wall option
  • Now uncheck ” Block all incoming connection”
  • Now check the “Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections”

Some Mac users also need to add these additional steps after adjusting their Macs firmwall and other setting

  • First Shutdown your mac.
  • Power Up and hold key to reset NVRAM; cmd+option+P+R
  • To restart, Hold these keys about 20 second as your mac might restart.
  • If your mac plays a start up chime when your turn it on, just release the key after the second chime.
  • Once mac opens, just adjust the basic thing as – sound volume, display resolution, start up disk selection and time zone.

Hope this will help you to fix your Airplay. If you follow the given step, hopefully you will fix your problem. I have also mentioned some best tips and tricks about iPhone device and given links in the article. If you wish to read, click on the given links.  It will help you to fix problem related to iPhone or any other device. If you have any problem in fixing Airplay, just ask your question by writing in comment box which is given below. Thanks

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